Photo of Powerful.Creative Team
The Powerful.Creative Team: Co-Founders Whitney Green, Michael Vickers and Robyn Martelly


Powerful.Creative is located in Whitney Pier, Nova Scotia. Our clothing and accessories focus on empowering messages and socially conscious issues in society. We believe that brands have the power to impact and shape culture and that’s what we’re trying to do with our designs. 


Our goal is to  bring awareness, promote discussion and share our profits with organizations doing the work . Our motto is “When we work together, powerful things can happen”,  with that in mind we decided to ensure that at least  15% of the proceeds of every sale is donated annually to local community organizations who are doing amazing work.



Co-Founders Robyn Martelly, Whitney Green and Michael Vickers were deeply affected like many others around the world by the injustices happening to BIPOC. We wanted to be a part of the solution and create a t-shirt in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, donating a percentage of the proceeds to Black community organizations. 


Our hope was to put our thoughts and hearts on our sleeve (or chests) and to let the world know “Enough is Enough”. We got to brainstorming and wrote down some POWERFUL words, drawing inspiration from great discussions online and with that, we created our Enough is Enough Black Lives Matter t-shirt. We posted the final product to social media and the response was incredible. It turned into a 300+ t-shirt production with shirts going all over Canada. 


Long story short, after many years of ideas and discussions, the three of us decided to go into business and create Powerful.Creative.